JSC "Maritime Agency MARP" (JSC "MA MARP") was founded in February 1997. The main activities of the company are agent’s and schipacardler services in the Murmansk Sea Fisheries, Murmansk Sea Trade Ports and in the other port locations of the Murmansk region.

When the company was created among its preferences, was being agent for transport refrigerators and fishing vessels in the Murmansk Sea Fish port, but we were not limited only by this services. And during a long, more than 20 years history of our company, we accomplished significant projects, that allowed us to get great competencies in our activities. Also, during the activities of our company, we made great contacts with Russian and European ship owners.

JSC "Maritime Agency MARP" has been involved into the following most significant projects:

  • After the 1998 financial default, the European Union decided to send humanitarian cargo to the Russian Federation. One of the unloading ports was the Murmansk Sea Trade Port.
    A ship line with a clear schedule for transition timing was organized from several vessels between different ports, plus sharp timing for parking in the port for processing and transition to the port of loading. The work was very difficult, saturated from the information point of view, but very interesting for our company.

  • In 2000, we were engaged in the delivery of sawn timber ship batch from the village of Lesozavodsky Murmansk region to the Murmansk Marine Fishing port for storage and for its future loading on the ship. It was automobile transportation, a distance of about 300 km.

  • 2002 - 2006 - Rosnefteflot company Agent, we took part in the production of the Belokamenka hyperthanker to the place of RPK-5 permanent basing in the Kola Bay, and also we provided services for the Agency of vessels of serving Floating oil storage "Belokamenka" and transporting of crude oil from the port of Arkhangelsk to the Port of Murmansk.

  • 2003 - 2010 - general agent in Murmansk International Eimskip-CTG AS, Norway.
    Agency services provided, as well as the preparation and production of arriving / departing cargos and accompanying documents in order to accelerate the passage of port formalities and reduce duration of the parking in the port. Managed the organization of the highest rates of loading and unloading operations.

  • 2008 - to the present –Gazpromneft Marine Bunker LLC Agent in Murmansk.
    We provide coordination, organization of acceptance, control of quantity and quality, storage of petroleum products. We coordinate, we organize and control the timely transfer, reception, and delivery of petroleum products, their transportation, bunkering and we provide other necessary actions, both from the issuing and receiving parties.

  • 2010 - to 2015 - Nominated by the Murmansk State Technical University as an agent of "Sedov". Settlement of customs, quarantine, border and other formalities. Organization of fuel, water supply, schiechandeler services, repair works.

  • 2010 - to the present - Arctic Schipping LLC Agent, provision of agent’s services, as well as preparation and output of arriving / departing cargos and accompanying documents in order to accelerate the passage of port formalities and reduce the duration of parking in the port.

  • In 2012 we were nominated to provide services for the Admiral Gorshkov (Vikramadya) heavy aircraft cruiser.
    Ensuring a foreign crew change and control of delivery supply towards the ship-shore direction.

  • 2013 - To the Present - North-West Shipping Company LLC. Agent, agent’s services and also preparation of arriving / departing documents in order to accelerate the passage of port formalities and to reduce the duration of dwelling in the port.

  • 2016 - to the present - LLC "NK Fleet" Agent , we provide agent’s services, and also present and protect the interests of company in relation with official state authorities, port administration and any other third parties. We provide and organize the necessary services for ships, cargo and crew before and during the call, during the departure and after it.

    We organize, control and coordinate the course of cargo operations on board. We solve the issues related to the paper works of unloading / loading of goods, we declared and send documents to the port of destination in accordance with ordinary marine practice.

These mentioned and other projects allowed our ship agents to acquire a long-term experience of successful activities, knowledge of the customs of the port, understanding the vessel problems during the call in port, which ensures prompt decision-making saves time and expenses of the ship owner.

Marine Agency MARP JSC has a large number of long-term contracts with organizations in the seaport of Murmansk, such as the FSB "Administration of Sea Ports of the Western Arctic", FSUE "Rosmorport", Murmansk Sea Trade Port OJSC, Murmansk Sea Fish Port OJSC and With many others, that allows us to provide our clients with full package of services.

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